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Dante "The Silver Light" Musser


During those drives through the country we all kept our eyes peeled for an old barn painted with an advertisement for Mail Pouch Tobacco. The first to spot it would yell “Mail Pouch” and then they got to give everyone else in the car a pinch.

Here is the story...

Mail Pouch Sign in Downtown Chillicothe

Three Stages of the Restoration Process


If you have ever spent time shopping for door and window hardware then you understand what an overwhelming experience it can be. The variety of sizes, shapes, material, colors, and style that are available make it clear that these details must be important. Although the newer stuff is suitable, "no one makes it quite like they used to." If you own a 19th or late 18th century home, then you should look closely at your door and window hardware and identify whether you have some period pieces. If you do, it may be time to give that old "house jewelry" a makeover.


Ellen Tiffin Cook


During the 1800's, two of the women who occupied the house at 58 W. Fifth St the longest were Jane Byrne "Claypool" James and Eleanor Worthington "Tiffin" Cook. These noble ladies helped forge the legacy of this residence and so we seek to share a little bit of their story with you.